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Message from the Prime Minister of Tonga Hon Hu’akavameiliku

As the Interim Pro-Chancellor of the Tonga National University (TNU), it is indeed my pleasure to welcome you to the inaugural assembly of the TNU. Today, we are gathered to witness the coming to fruition of a national dream that was envisaged for many decades.

 His Majesty the King of Tonga, Tupou VI, has honoured the TNU with his sanction and dedication, by graciously acting as the Chancellor of the University and has envisioned the University with the tripartite motto of: Truth, Justice, Freedom – Ko e Mo’oni, Ko e Totonu mo e Tau’ataina. Established by legal mandate of the The Tonga National University Act, Government is obliged by law to ensure the establishment and prudent management and administration of the TNU.  As such, 6 government-owned higher education institutions have merged to form the TNU – a hybrid university – offering both academic and vocational study programs. As we address the financial challenges of the post-covid period, a cost-effective option for tertiary studies is a significant commitment by the Government to support the upskilling and professional development of our young generation. TNU comprises of 5 Faculties, delivering more than 50 programs ranging from Certificates to Diplomas and to Degrees. The programs cater for skills and knowledge-based demands of not only the Tongan employment market, but to also harness the opportunities from overseas skills demands. TNU is your national university, a place to study while staying close to your family and social networks and support, whilst contributing to your community and sustaining our local economy and workforce. I extend my best wishes to you as ‘pioneer’ students of the Tonga National University and strongly encourage you to maximize your potential while studying at TNU. I do hope your journey in learning will be guided by Truth,  in the pursuit of Justice, and in the spirit of Freedom.

Hon Hu’akavameiliku , The Interim Pro-Chancellor


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