Faculty of Education, Art and Humanities

Dean: Dr. Sela Tapa’atoutai-Teisina , Faculty of Education, Arts, and Humanities

Greetings and welcome to the Faculty of Education, Arts, and Humanities (FOEAH) of the Tonga National University (TNU)! FOEAH is constituted of three schools, the School of Education (SOE) formerly known as the Tonga Institute of Education (TIOE), School of Media and Journalism (SMJ), and the School of Tongan Culture and Language (STCL).  

FOEAH offers nine programmes altogether, seven by the SOE, two by SMJ, and the STCL will announce theirs when it opens in the second semester. At SOE, the oldest teacher education provider in Tonga, we play an influential role in nurturing quality teachers for Tonga, and beyond. Also, SOE are offering some of the nation’s premiere undergraduate and graduate preservice and in-service teacher training programs in educational discipline. Central to our educational philosophy are to empower our students to excel in their teaching career and to prepare them to become professionals and competent teachers for Tonga (Faiako Ma’a Tonga), and beyond. We aim to equip students with the values, knowledge, skills, competence needed in Tonga’s, the Pacific, and in international classrooms, to cultivate students’ devotion to teaching as a life-long career, and to empower current and future educational leaders and researchers. Through our B. Ed programs, FOE students become well-trained in educational theory and practices, which prepare them for careers in teaching, academia and in applied research.

As the Dean of FOEAH, I am greatly honoured to serve the dedicated faculty members and talented students of this Faculty. Driven by the commitment to educational excellence, constant pursuit of knowledge and visionary thinking, FOEAH will continue to be a preeminent place for learning, research and training in education, communication, media, journalism, and in Tongan culture. I  kindly invite you to join us in that pursuit and make the most of your time here as you advance your career goals at FOEAH!

School of Education (formerly the Tonga Institute of Education – Ako Faka-Faiako)

The School of Education is one of two schools with the Faculty of Education, Arts and Humanities. SOE is the major education provider for teacher education programs in the Kingdom of Tonga. The Schools has a total of 87 courses being taught in 9 programs

School of Media and Journalism

Formerly established within the Tonga Institute of Higher Education (TIHE), the School of Media and Journalism is now being placed within the Faculty of Education, Arts and Humanities.