TNU Objectives

The objectives of the Tonga National University are to:

  • preserve, extend and disseminate knowledge in the Tonga through teaching, research, scholarship, consultancy or any other means;
  • provide academic, technical and vocational training and continuing education that is responsive and appropriate to the needs of the people of Tonga;
  • foster and facilitate the study of the Tongan language and culture and all matters pertaining to this, as well as foster research into subjects of relevance or significance to Tonga;
  • facilitate the economic and social development of Tonga through educational pathways that foster innovation and sustainable use of resources;
  • achieve the vision, mission and goals of the University, as set out in its Annual Corporate Plan…

At all times, the University shall:

  • operate in accordance with and be based on Tongan values and principles;
  • strive for excellence in teaching and research and the attainment of the highest standards in education;
  • promote intellectual independence and autonomy as foundation principles of the University;
  • establish an educational system that is accessible, inclusive, relevant and sustainable for Tonga.

The Academic and Vocational Programs of the University shall promote:

  • knowledge of the Tongan language and culture through focussed research, teaching and publications;
  • respect for the environment through initiatives that strengthen climate resilience and ensure sustainable use of resources;
  • dual use of the Tongan and English languages.

The University shall offer academic, technical and vocational programs and qualifications from Certificate to Post-Doctorate level.